Lance Sinnema - Artist
Coppice ConduitCoppice Conduit (detail)Briny BergBriny Berg (detail)Littoral SpindriftLittoral Spindrift (detail)Shingle BrumeShingle Brume (detail)Range SluiceRange Sluice (detail)Palisade ChasePalisade Chase (detail)Dingle LaneDingle Line (detail)
The detritus of our decorative world provides wonderful artifacts for the amateur Archeolartist. These objects of one time appreciation have fulfilled their original roles and have been traded for the newer, brighter, shinier version. As decorative themes change and evolve so to do the artifacts used to represent visually how we connect to the world. The sun-faded prints or the dated paintings are all representative of our recent personal or cultural history. Some of these objects (those of higher beginning aesthetic quality or conceptual interest anyway) deserve more than an ignominious life on a thrift store wall before eventual discardment. I find these poor objects still have something to contribute to my artistic endeavor. This collection of work provides examples of my exploration of the potency of images and their power to affect memory. Images are often used as touchstones for memory, acting as reminders or doorways to past events and experiences. I am interested in looking for the key elements that make images so magical, and re-imagining these placeholders for a new audience.