Lance Sinnema - Artist
He's a Bit of a JerkHe's a Bit of a JerkShe's an Acquired TasteShe's an Acquired TasteCromag Displays His PredilectionsCromag Displays His PredilectionsShe Has a Lot Going on Right NowShe Has a Lot Going on Right NowLooks Like He Got Burned AgainLooks Like He Got Burned AgainHe's at the End of His RopeHe's at the End of His RopeShe Doesn't Know if She Should Laugh or CryShe Doesn't Know if She Should Laugh or Cry
Humans are visual beings, relying on sight to navigate the world we live in. At the same time, we are generally more likely to use words to describe that world and our responses toward it, than to produce visual art. My recent work explores the relationship between written and visual expression. I have begun to introduce letterforms onto the figures and forms I produce. I find I enjoy playing with phrasing and the order of words as well as color choices and different fonts, and juxtaposing those with the movement and facial expressions. These juxtapositions can be used to further mystify or demystify the character of the forms I present.